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We present a range of Harvester Blades that has sharp edges which provides smooth and effective harvesting in agricultural field. The knife section of blade is fabricated using premium quality EN-42j and EN-42C materials that ensures long functionality. Our harvester blades contain an induction hardening teeth which prevents it from wear and tear.

A – A very hard induction hardened cutting zone for long-life sharpness
B – Optimized tooth form for smooth cut
C – Tough body to minimize breaking risk
D – Fine-grained chrome alloy steel with high fracture strength for high wear resistance
E – Very close production tolerances permanently controlled to guarantee interchangeability
Following are the unique features of Harvester Blades

  • Material: EN42J, 70C, 1.2mn
  • Size/ OEM Part No.: JD/P49650H & NH/365110
  • Heat Treatment: Induction Hardend & Tempered
  • Hardness: 55 HRC
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