» Rotavator Parts
* Rotavator Blades
* Rotary Tiller Joints
* Rotavator Blades Nuts & Bolts
* Rotavator Chains
* Power Tiller Blades
* Power Tiller Chains
* Rotavator Gears
* U. J. Cross
» Harvester Combine Parts
* Feeder Chain
* Elevator Chain
* Drive Chains
* Oil Gear Pump
* UC bearings
* Disributor
* Rasp Bar
* Harvester Finger
* Harvester Knife Blade

BEDICO AUTOMOTIVES is one of the recognized organization in the market and our products have its reputation in both national and international market. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.
We are doing our business efficiently for the last three decades. Today we have established ourselves as leading manufacturer and Distributors of UC bearing , Feeder chains , Elevators chains, Drive chains We are diversified our activities in manufacturing of full range of Harvest Combine Parts & Rotavator Parts and sprockets .

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