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BEDICO AUTOMOTIVES established more than two decades ago at Ludhiana by late Sh. Kuldip Chand Bedi with his vision, hard work and extraordinary managerial and technical capabilities started this business from the manufacturing of agricultural tools and established his empire throughout India.

The Bedico Automotives having 4 companies BEDICO AUTOMOTIVES, Bedi Cycles, Eskey Industries and Bedi Engineers under their flag out of which Bedico Automotives is manufacturer and exporters of all types of agricultural tools such as BLADES, CHAINS, BEARINGS, Worm/helical conveyor, Oil gear pumps.These are mainly used for Harvester combines, Rotavator, Threshers, Power Tiller etc. has grown into a renowned business house today.BEDICO holds the conviction that managerial rationalization, cost reduction and product development upgrading are the best means of assuring the continued growth and prosperity.

The strength of Bedico Automotives is based on skills and professionalism of its staff, expert technical staff ensuring high quality consciousness, checking all products periodically and automation of export department likewise plays an important role in providing agricultural tools.

The company utilizes automated machinery and equipment to maintain the highest standards of uniform quality. Expert technicians monitor the production process to ensure high quality international standards, care is taken at every step, for timely delivery and complete customer satisfaction at the most competitive prices.

For the years to come, an all out push for still higher standards is our definite goal.


BEDICO AUTOMOTIVES is well equipped with all the modern testing equipments. Expert Technicians monitor the entire process starting from purchase of raw material till the finished products to ensure high quality International Standards. Care is taken at every step for timely delivery and complete customer satisfaction.

BEDICO AUTOMOTIVES are committed to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction by quality products & services consistently and cost effectively.

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